Nano Test Network
Below are resources for connecting to the Nano test network. This network is available for general integration and node upgrade testing. It has the same parameters as the main network for work difficulty. It is not setup to test the latest features or handle large volumes of transactions - for those types of tests please join the Beta Network.
Node and wallet setup
Details for getting a node setup to join the test network can be found on the Test Network page of our documentation. Once your node is up and synced, generate your addresses using the node wallet commands and get some test Nano below.


docker pull nanocurrency/nano-test:V23.3 Explore other available builds
Testing faucet
The faucet is currently under construction and will be available soon. Please email with your test network account details to request funds for testing. Please note these funds are worthless. They have no value other than for testing specifically on this test network.